Next Year’s Words Await

December 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

When I quoted from T.S. Eliot in our final E-Connections of 2019, who could have ever imagined what the year ahead would become?! The unprecedented cocktail of a pandemic, Presidential election, long overdue racial reckoning, and catastrophic climate change, has left us all reeling. As Eliot implied, we often need new voices and even new language to truthfully express all that has transpired.

But no matter what we’re feeling this New Year’s Eve, we know that that which unites us is infinitely stronger than that which divides. Throughout the past ten months, we have learned yet again that love & hope are the nexus of both human community & global possibility.

The IPM family has been honored to share so many prophetic stories & voices with you & our world this past year. We’ve been able to do so through the generosity & kindness that each of you provides unfailingly.

As we look forward to the promise of better health, global travel, and the reopening of so much that has been shut down, we know that our partnership with you is as important as ever.

I pray that 2021 is a time of renewal & rebirth for each of us; I look forward to being able to greet each of you personally when health & physical distancing permits. 

Happy New Year!

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