Love Casts Out Fear

Today was one of those days when a long, deep conversation with an old friend the length of U.S. Route 1 away from me reminds me why we do what we do. After the promise of #Sanctuary for #Mount Desert this past Tuesday and the debacle of the renunciation of truly Affordable Care yesterday, I needed to hear Mark’s voice and share some of our common Jesuit-educated and IPM-driven passion. So, I end a long and remarkable week with words from #DorothyDay that seem to capture everything I feel about the USA right now and how we need to figure out ways for all of us, not just the like-minded, to come together: “Love casts out fear, but we have to get over the fear in order to get close enough to love them.” And that is just as true in Golana, India (below with my colleague Himat) as it is on MDI or in DC. Peace, JoeIMG_7307

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